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Destin Florida’s first and only surf school is now in session! Ride On Surf School,newly located on the beach behind Captain Dave's restaurant on Scenic Hwy 98 1 mile west of the Pompano Joe’s beach access in Destin, Florida, offers surfing fun for anyone who knows how to swim. Whether you have never surfed before or you want to tune up your surfing skills, Ride On can help, offering a variety of lesson plans for any skill level. Group and private lessons are available as well as surf camps and surfing parties.

Ride On Supplies:

• Surfboard and leash
• wetsuit or rash guard
• 2 tents for shade
Ride On Surf Instruction Includes:
• Stretching
• How to Paddle
• How to stand
• Proper stance (Goofy or Regular)
• How to read waves
• Education of riptides
• Education of undertow
• Education of flag warning system
• Tidal information
• Wind swell vs. Ground swell
• Surfing Etiquette
• Surf lingo (ie. Dude, I'm totally stoked it's 4 to 6 and offshore!)
• What kind of board is right for you • Popular surf spots
• Waxing your surfboard 

Download surf school release form here

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I bring?

Be sure to have a dry towel, sunscreen, bottle of water and maybe something to snack on.  Camps run for 3 hours so bring whatever you think you'll need to tide you over.  Captain Daves's Restaurant is 100 yards away if you get really hungry.  Anyone coming to watch may want to bring a chair and/or a camera.

Where are you located?

Directly on the beach behind Captain Dave's Restaurant on Scenic Hwy 98 1 mile west of Pompano Joes beach access.  We operate under 2 tents at the waters edge.   Please check out our contact page for a detailed map.

How long does it take to learn how to surf?

This will vary from person to person.  Some will grasp the concept very quickly (1 or 2 lessons) while it may take others a bit longer (2 or more lessons) .  Experience in other types of board sports like skateboarding and snowboarding will help to increase the learning curve.  Activities requiring lots of balance such as yoga, gymnastics etc. can also help greatly.   We will work with each person accordingly to achieve the best results possible.

What happens if I sign up for a multiple day camp but don't want to surf one of those days?

Not to worry, we have kayaks, boogie boards, standup paddleboards and many other things available.  We understand that surfing can take a lot out of you and maybe one day you would like to have a lay low day.  We want nothing more than to have you surfing the whole time but if you would like to try something else or just take it easy we'll accommodate you the best we can.

What happens if it rains or the surf is flat?

Mother Nature can be a bit of a problem at times but for the most part we are able to operate 95% of the time.   If the surf goes flat we just flow with it.  We'll always find a way to incorporate surfing no matter what the conditions.   We provide huge long boards which will catch even the tiniest of waves making even the most meager conditions fun.  Paddle battles, relay races, surf etiquette and techniques can be honed on the super small days.  There is a lot to learn to become a competent surfer and not all of it is in the water.  We hold lessons in the rain provided there is no thunder or lightning in the area.  I mean we're already wet anyway, right?  If it pours all day lessons will be moved to the next day.

What ages do you teach?

Mainly 8 and up however we do make exceptions for younger students provided the parent or guardian is comfortable with their younger child taking a lesson.  Private lessons are recommended for those under 8 years of age.  All students must be able to swim.

What is included in a camp/lesson?

All equipment including surfboard, leash, rash guard and wetsuit are provided for each lesson/camp.  We also have 2 tents set up for shade to escape the summer sun.  Campers will receive a Billbong grab bag with a t-shirt, stuff like a hat, surf magazine, stickers, posters etc.  Please note items in grab bag subject to change.

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