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Dear Matt,

Hi. We just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic fun we had learning to surf. Although we probably won't be riding a huge wave anytime soon, we had so much fun. It's good that there is a surfing school even for us amateurs. This was a dream come true for me (Cindy) and this will be a memory that will last a lifetime. When we come back to Florida we will definitely look you up. So many thanks to the Ride-on-Surf school for an awesome experience.


The Gals from Texas....Tina, Cindy, Gabby, Tina


I just wanted to say thanks for the lesson Friday. I had a great time, it was the highlight of my trip. I can’t wait to get a board and get back to the beach as often as I can.

Thanks Again,

Benji Laney

Matt, Vanessa, Austin, and crew-

I just wanted to send this to you for your testimonial page. As ya'll already KNOW, coming to surf camp with you absolutely changed my life. I used to be one of those people who just floated around in a tube-- instead I ended up getting the workout of my life and a whole new outlook. I'll definitely be back-- and don't forget "will work for waves!"

Much Love,
Sarah from Tennessee


My life lessons I learned from 4 days of camp at Ride on Surf School)

* When you get kicked off your surfboard it either wasn't the perfect wave, or you didn't handle it right. Either way, there's always gonna be another good one coming in. So keep fighting against the whitewater, never fear the next wipe out, and keep your eyes open for possibilities on the horizon.

* Fear of wiping out disrupts your desire to take chances and vanity is a distraction.

* Persistence and endurance catch waves…Fatigue and giving up do not.

* Nothing can kick your ass (and win) better than the ocean. Since that’s true, there should be nothing preventing you from going all out in life.

* Paddling out to the deep is the hardest part, riding a wave is the prize for toughing it out.

* If you’re more afraid of the unknown than you are motivated to ride, then the paddle out will never be worth it.

* We don’t remember days, we remember moments. We have the on-going opportunity to decide the value of each moment by our choice to live it, fight it, or waste it.

* The answer to the question “are you ready?” should always be “Yes!”

* The early morning isn't painful if you're heading out to do what you love.

Sarah Watkins
Esse Quam Videri
 To be rather than to appear

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